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Standart Pump


Standart Pompa ve Makina Sanayi TİC. A.Ş. produces high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly pumps and systems since 1957. Standart started the journey as Turkey's first hundred percent domestic pump manufacturer. In the meantime, Standart crossed borders and started to export the goods by developing international sales network.

With the technological development, Standart continues to contribute to the sector as well as leading it. Standart raises the investment for R&D department to produce distinctive and excellent products. With more than half-century experience and steady success since three generations, Standart feels confident to look ahead.

Today, not only in Turkey but all across the globe, Standart Pompa products are widely used in areas where the liquids need pressurizing from the industrial process to petrochemical industry and from agricultural irrigation to general purpose, water supply, and from sewage disposal to treatment.

Please Visit Standart Pump website at for more information.


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